Surfside Cotons is a small breeder located in Central Florida and our dogs are part of our lives. They live inside our home and we enjoy the happiness and the love they share with us every day.

Breeding has always been a dream for me, but the right breed was very important. After learning about the Coton de Tulear we were amazed at the unbelievable qualities of this little dog from Madagascar and fell in love with this breed instantly. We were able to find the finest breeders that had dogs with excellent bloodlines that were willing to mentor us on the correct practices of breeding and teach us even more about the standards and the importance of maintaining this breed’s unbelievable characteristics. We stand by these breeders and will do everything to continue to preserve this group.

Our goal is to breed the healthiest possible Coton de Tulear according to the breed’s standard. We will always breed for health, temperament and conformation. Therefore, health testing is part of the plan in our breeding program so others can enjoy a happy healthy Coton to share your lives and make memories with for many many years.
Surfside Cotons will always work hard to produce Cotons that are healthy, loving, smart and well socialized.

We hope you can be part of our Coton family one day so we may share this joy with you.

We follow the code of ethics breeders guidelines of the Malagasy Coton De Tulear Preservation Club.