Our Girl Shelby


Shelby Virginia Woolf Elliott

We found our first Coton de Tulear from a Code of Ethics Breeder of the Rare Coton de Tulear Diana Robbins of Robbins' Nest Cotons in Roswell, Ga. She was born June 14th 2017. Her given name by the breeder was Virginia Woolf, We gave her the name Shelby and keeping the rest of her given name and adding our last name Elliott. Her registered name is Shelby Virginia Woolf Elliott.

We drove to Roswell, Ga on Labor Day weekend and picked her up and brought her back to her new forever home in Daytona Beach, Fl. She has been such a joy to our family and such a great companion.  


Shelby Virginia Woolf Elliott

She went with us to pick out a pumpkin for Halloween.


Happy Birthday Shelby

Shelby loves to pose for the camera here she is at 5 moths old and the double mask is beginning to fade. Still as sweet as ever. She follows me wherever I go.




Shelby's Heath Certificate



Health testing

What we test for

Our goal at Surfside Cotons is to screen our potential breed-able females any health risks to ensure we have the healthiest possible breeding females. 

Stud males are required to pass all of the same tests before they are allowed to breed.

We go above the minimum testing requirement to ensure we do not miss anything in our girls/boys so the have the healthiest puppies possible.

Testing at 12 months old

  • All our girls and boys are DNA tested by EMBARK prior to breeding. 
  • A full CBC blood test is done on all our girls and boys. 
  • OFA certified eye test. (Shelby's testing completed 05/11/18) Normal/Normal results.
  • OFA certified Cardiac. Completed 07/23/18 Passed all clear
  • Chondrodystrophy CDDY she is N/N. Performed by UC Davis California

All test results are submitted to MCPC for verification and entered into their database.

After board review and acceptance of all testing will we be allowed to breed any of our girls.


Our stud males will have the same type of testing done at 12 months of age.

Learn More

You can find out further information on testing of the Coton De Tulear by visiting the MCPC website http://www.malagasycotonclub.org/ or OFA's website https://www.ofa.org to find out more.

Find out more

We added a new member! EDDIE

We added new baby boy . .


Introducing the newest member of our Coton family "Eddie" a male from the litter of Robbins' Nest Cotons. We picked up or first girl Shelby from her also. He is a handsome young fellow that will grow up and become our stud male! 



In Loving Memory of our baby girl Bailey RIP


We miss you every day!

My mentor


Diana Robbins

Diana Robbins of Robbins Nest Cotons in Roswell, Ga spent hours talking with me about the wonderful Rare Breed Coton de Tulear. She is the breeder where we found our baby girl Virginia Woolf, now known as Shelby Virginia Woolf Elliott. We couldn't believe how calm she was driving back from Ga. She slept almost the entire way back to Central Florida to her new forever home.  


Our Mission

We believe in health testing the parents of our puppies thoroughly! This involves extensive health testing of each potentially breed-able Coton including testing for OFA Eye Exams, CBC (complete blood panel).  Our Cotons are also DNA tested by Embark. We are proud to share what we have accomplished to support the health and well being of the gene pool of the Rare Breed Coton de Tulear so copies of the parents’ health test results accompany each puppy acquired from Surf Side Cotons to assure you of our integrity as a breeder.