The Breed

 Cotons were bred and developed for the sole purpose of being a loyal loving companion dog. They are well suited for this purpose because of their happy personalities, adaptable character, loving attitude, intelligence, entertaining mannerisms and overall cuteness. Cotons tend to adapt to the lifestyle of their family which make them a wonderful pet for a broad spectrum of people. They are happy couch potatoes or thrilled to take a long hike in the mountains with you. Just let them know and they will happily follow. 


 Cotons have been referred to as the anti-depressant breed because of their general happiness and abilities to cheer the down and out with their smile, funny play or general empathetic personality. The Coton is a happy dog which doesn’t get too upset with anything that comes their way. Cotons are a relatively healthy breed and look forward to living a life of 15+ years. Cotons are very smart and aim to please their owners. When given praise and a yummy treat they catch on quickly to training and new commands. They are always up for a new challenge. They do very well in the show ring with their lovely long white coat flowing as they walk around the ring and Cotons love the attention from people and judges.  

Breed Health

The Coton de Tulear is a healthy breed overall with relatively few serious health issues. The Malagasy Coton De Tulear Preservation Club serves as a caretaker and protector of this wonderful breed.  To fulfill that role, we take pride in a newly initiated proactive health program led by an active Health Committee functioning in an advisory role on matters related to the health and welfare of the Coton de Tuléar. In an effort to encourage widespread health testing, as well as ensure all breeding Cotons with the Malagasy Coton De Tulear Preservation Club pedigree are healthy and have the best chance of producing healthy and long-lived offspring.